Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be a valuable experience to have during your computer science education. Many computer science majors at Rhodes study abroad and the department works closely with the students and the Office of International Programs (the Buckman Center) to find opportunities that are a good fit for students and have courses that will transfer back to Rhodes. Our students have studied in countries all over the world including Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

When can I study abroad as a computer science or major?

It is possible to study abroad during any spring or fall term, but most students study abroad during junior year, with many also opting for programs during the summers between sophomore and junior year, or between junior and senior year. Because senior seminar is a year-long experience involving group projects, studying abroad senior year is normally not possible. Planning ahead is necessary to find a time to go abroad that does not interfere with your coursework sequence to avoid delaying graduation.

At least one year before you intend to study abroad, you should let your academic advisor know that you are interested in study abroad opportunities. If you intend to take computer science courses abroad, the department recommends you first complete the intro sequence (141, 142, 172, 241, 251) at Rhodes. These courses will prepare you for almost any 300-level course abroad.

What classes can I take abroad?

The department recommends that students take at most two computer science courses during a study abroad experience, with other courses satisfying elective credit, foundation requirements, or courses for other majors or minors.

What if the institution I’m hoping to attend does not offer computer science courses?

It is not required that you take computer science courses each semester, although your four-year plan may be extended if you do not. While abroad, you can work on other degree requirements, such as foundations courses, courses for other majors or minors, or electives. Be sure to talk to your advisor about your degree requirements and four-year plan before making your decision.

How do I get my credits transferred to Rhodes?

If you would like to have classes you take abroad count for computer science credit, you will need to submit the list of classes you are planning to take, along with course syllabi, to the chair of the Computer Science Department before studying abroad. Approving computer science courses for transfer credit is granted only through the signature of the department chair Off-Campus Study Application.

Foundations credits will be approved by the appropriate academic officer acting on behalf of the Foundations Curriculum Committee. In most cases, this approval will come from the Director of International Programs, the Registrar, or the chair of the department or program at Rhodes in which the coursework will be pursued.

For more information, see the Office of International Programs’ Academic Policies.